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CoolDog Return Policy

Yes, we take returns .... but keep in mind, that there is NO WAY that we can guarantee that your dog is going to like every item we offer...  Many of our products have been Cool Dog tested, and our dogs have had hours of fun with many of these products.  Just keep in mind, dogs are like kids, today they like it tomorrow it's something else. So, if your dog does not like something you purchased here, please, consider doing a good deed and donate it to your local pet rescue. There are thousands of  shelter dogs out there living with little to no resources and I know from experience that the folks who operate rescues will be so very grateful for your donation!

Please contact us before you return a product for authorization.  


                 Edible items
                 Custom items (except for manufacturers defects)
                 Seasonal items

Returns must be made within 60 days.  In order to get a refund, items MUST be in their original packaging, in brand new, unused condition.   This means that returned items must be free of dog hair, chew marks and odors.   We can NOT send a refund if items were used or damaged.

If you need to return an item, please make sure you send it with a Delivery Confirmation notice from the post office.  This protects both of us, as things can get lost in the mail ...  using Delivery Confirmation means no misunderstandings. We do not pay or refund shipping costs. the customer is responsible for shipping costs on returns No C.O.D. will be accepted.

You MUST include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and E-Mail ADDRESS with all returns.